Why you’ll want one of our leather boards

You are looking at one of the finest leather-surfaced chess boards you will ever place pieces on. It is stunning!

Hand crafted by a master craftsman, with over 40 years’ experience tooling fine leather, our classic boards are elegantly embossed, stained and polished to the point where it will be a focus of admiration just sitting on your table. And then hear what people say when they play on it!

Our boards take selected leather and fit it over a substantial, flat wooden base. With comfortable, suede leather stretched across the bottom. This is a board players will remember for a long time.

The chess board squares come in a range of sizes—1.5 inches to 2.5 inches—that will suit serious player-tastes. So the total size of the chess boards vary. For example, our board with 2 inch squares, measures 18×18 inches. Other sizes can be made to order.

Beautifully tooled edges which will establish your class among other chess players. Each edge painstakingly and exactly worked by hand with tools that are, of course, almost as old as the game itself. This is a craft piece. A quality chess board that will match any fine decor.

Customers are delighted with these leather boards. People are buying them as gifts for friends, since the boards are perfect birthday and Christmas chess gifts for chess players.