The finest chess board you may ever play on

Classic chess boards

diamond chess boardYou are looking at one of the most striking chess boards you will ever play chess on. Elegance in classic leather.

Genuine handcrafted leather surface. Underneath, a soft durable leather bottom. Perfectly fitted on a selected timber inner base that will not buckle with time and will give you years of precision chess on a perfectly smooth surface. Beautifully hand-tooled edges that establish your class among other chess players. More . . .

Roll-up boards

Roll up boardAn exciting new chess product in carefully stitched, flexible leather. A playing surface that rolls up.

Easily carry your favorite leather chess board anywhere you go. A beautiful leather roll-up chess board that will enhance your game in any location you choose. Take it camping. Bring it hiking. Carry it to the beach. Go with it to a park. Rest on a bench. Sit in a garden. Anywhere you choose. More . . .